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Dr Berman is one of the world’s leading experts on love and relationships. . She earned two Masters and a PhD degree from New York University and has spent the last several decades helping individuals and couples around the globe love and be loved better. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr Berman is the award winning host of the nationally syndicated show, Uncovered Radio with Dr Laura Berman. She’s been honored with a Gracie Award for Best Talk Radio Show Host and recently was named one of Radio Ink’s Most Influential Women in Radio. Dr Berman is also a best-selling NY Times author of eight books, and hosted and starred in several television shows, including OWN’s In the Bedroom with Dr Laura Berman and the Dr Laura Berman Show. Dr Berman is a well loved and regular expert on love and relationships on television, radio and written media and is on the advisory board of the Dr Oz show. Dr Berman was raised in Glynn County, Georgia and currently lives in Chicago and Los Angeles. She is married and the mother of three sons and 2 dogs.