Amid the protests after the death of George Floyd, Demi Lovato is also taking a moment to pay tribute to Breonna Taylor. The singer reminded her followers that Taylor — a 26-year-old black woman who was fatally shot by police in her Louisville, Kentucky, home in March — would have turned 27 on Friday.

Lovato tweeted alongside a drawing of Taylor, “It’s Breonna Taylor’s birthday this Friday. She was an EMT on the frontlines during corona. Around midnight on March 13th police broke down her door and shot her 8 times, no evidence of a crime was uncovered. #birthdayforbreonna #justiceforbreonnataylor.”

Lovato added a call to action, suggesting to call the governor of Kentucky. “The sole crime was the murder of Breonna Taylor. Her crime being asleep in her own home. @battymamzelle thought of a great way to honor Breonna’s birthday, send cards to the attorney general. The most underserved demographic in America is black women, we cannot allow them to forget Breonna,” the message states. 

Lovato also touched on white privilege and how people need to do better and make changes in police departments. As she addressed her black followers, fans and coworkers, she also wrote, “I hate my white privilege. It feels gross.. like having blood money or something. But I will use it to change things in whatever way I can.”

Demi Lovato honors Breonna Taylor ahead of what would have been her 27th birthday


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